The Manhattan Color Bar Salon & Spa

a piece of Kirksville history


The building that houses our salon at 108 S. Elson was first called The Parlor Restaurant Building, and was constructed prior to 1891. It is only with the publication of city directories, starting in 1913, that it is possible to identify actual businesses that inhabited this space through the years.

The Parlor Restaurant was the first identified occupant of the building, although it changed its name to the Parlor Café by 1916 and remained there through at least 1921.

As the years progressed, 108 S. Elson was home to the Model Café, the Club Café, Hulls Cafeteria, Joe’s Café, Anesi Cash Meat Market, and Jones Café.

In 1949, The Manhattan occupied the building, changing its name to Manhattan Restaurant by 1958. And, as they say, the rest is history. When you say "The Manhattan" in Kirksville, our population knows exactly what you're talking about.

We are so privileged to have the chance to repurpose what was once a staple of the community. During this process, we have heard so many heartfelt stories about this beautiful place.

We met a man who proposed to his wife at The Manhattan. We've heard endless accounts of family dinners. We've even heard tales of ornery children getting in trouble for their behavior and grandma letting them have it!

The common thread is that this place is one where memories are made. Although we won't have the smell of bread baking or serve the famous broasted chicken, we hope that we can be part of its magic.

We intend to make the Manhattan a staple of our community again! We will be serving up an experience you won't soon forget - one full of laughter and excitement.

As we we reopen The Manhattan, it is our dreams that led us to it, our perseverance that made it possible, and YOU will be what makes it special!

- Casey & Ashley